There are 5 overarching learning outcomes that we have identified for our
Glowworm kids.

The learning outcomes are:
a) Development of a strong sense of identity
b) Understanding, connecting and contributing to their world
c) Having a strong sense of wellbeing
d) Being confident, happy and involved life long learners.
e) Being effective communicators

Our curriculum is based on a knowledge and understanding of children’s
growth and development. It encompasses all the interactions, experiences
and routines that are part of each child’s play during their time in the early
developmental phase. In our planning of our curriculum we recognize the

  • Play as a process and medium through which young children learn
  • The different ways that children learn
  • The stages of child development
  • The characteristics and various intelligences of each individual
  • Latest developments in Early Childhood development curriculum
    theory and practice.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the child at all stages of
development so that s/he is well prepared to move forward to the next class
and developmental level and ultimately to primary school.
We achieve this by learning through play. Play forms the basis of all learning, activities and lesson plans. We follow a sensory integrated approach where children experience learning through all their senses. Our daily teaching incorporates a large amount of physical development such as ball skills, laterality, coordination and the development of visual-motor integration. We do believe that the physical development of a child and early development regarding gross motor skills enhance their ability to learn and establish very well developed fine motor skills. Learning needs to be concrete and hands on in order for children to assimilate the information. We work on monthly themes and teachers hand in weekly planning and prep to the Principal to ensure that all areas of development are adequately covered for the children in her class.