Meal Menu

With our menu, the aim is the feed your child healthy foods that consists of
protein, healthy carbohydrates, dairy, vegetables and fruit. With this we
provide the opportunity for your child to eat healthy and balanced meals
and we expose them to various textures with the chosen foods.


Scrambled egg, French toast, cheese and veggie omelets, chicken
sausages, bacon/macon, fish, oats, toast with cheese and preserves.
Variety of fruits
Juice and fresh water

Mid-Morning Snack :

Fresh vegetables, fruits and popcorn platter
Yoghurt, fruit, smoothies
Tea, Juice, water

Lunch is a sit down meal once again, consisting of one of the following:

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Creamy chicken, rice and veggies
Macaroni and Cheese
Fish, potatoes, veggies
Hot-dogs (Chicken sausages)
Chicken strips, potato and salad

Late –afternoon snack:

Popcorn, biscuits
Tea, Juice, Water

Early dinner:
At Glowworms we provide an early dinner menu. This is to ensure that if your Glowworm falls asleep on the way home or you need to travel far with your child, he/she is not hungry. These meals include:

Chicken, potato and veggies
Wrap with savoury filling
Rice and mince
Pancake with savoury filling
Steak and chips

Fresh fruit and veggie snacks such, as cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, baby
tomatoes as well as fresh water are available throughout the school day.