Who we are

We pride ourselves in being a small, intimate and specialized school for the
high potential child. Situated in the Fairland area of Johannesburg, we
provide focused, one on one, hands on teaching, helping your child develop
through learning, play and creativity. Inspired by an educational
psychologist, art therapist and pediatric nursing sister, our aim is to create a home away from home for your child. We are determined to make your child feel as if they are at their second home when they come to Glowworms. We are committed to caring and nurturing your child, and so allowing their true inner masterpiece to develop naturally.


Learning Outcomes


Toddler Curriculum Areas


Subject Enrichment


Class Activity Types

Our mission

Glowworms pledges to passionately provide a stimulating learning environment with a creative orientation across the whole curriculum, maximizing individual potential and ensuring our children are well equipped to meet the challenges of learning and life. Our goal, with a committed group of classroom facilitators, parents and community is to promote happy critical thinking, confidant life-long learners with an emphasis on the joy of learning.

Our vision

Glowworms is a high quality purposeful play and learn based early childhood learning program committed to supporting children’s unique individual potential with a focus on developing bright, happy children engaged in meaningful learning activities as they become independent thinkers.